What To Do During Your Time In Bandon

Bandon is a quiet, peaceful town with a population of just 3,000 people. However, we’re a great destination either as a weekend getaway, or a home base for longer vacations in the Southern Oregon region.

During your time in Bandon, we invite you to take advantage of all the town has to offer, from summer films and concert series, to an evening out along the boardwalk or dining in one of our many fabulous restaurants.

The Bandon Boardwalk

boardwalkThe Bandon Boardwalk is one of the highlights of our town, and many Bandoners are proud of this lovely oceanside stroll.

The boardwalk winds its way along the sea front, giving you a fresh open air breeze on one side, and access to some of Bandon’s best shops and cafes on the other.

On a typical day, you’re likely to see a variety of marine wildlife in the area, from pelicans and gulls to sea lions and otters, making each visit out to the boardwalk a unique experience in and of itself.

The Coquille River

coquille lighthouseAnother attraction of the Bandon area is to visit the Coquille River. The mouth of the Coquille empties into the Pacific just outside the northern edge of town, and it makes for a great walk or bike ride to stroll up to the mouth and enjoy this breathtaking natural scenery, or ride alongside the river as it makes its way inland.

No trip to the Coquille River is complete without a look at the Coquille River lighthouse, a small red and white building at the mouth of the river.

Much of Bandon’s history is owed to the construction of this lighthouse in 1895, cementing Bandon’s place as a regional harbor and port, and it continues to be a cherished icon of our town to this day.

The Broader  South Oregon Region

Fun in Bandon doesn’t have to stop in Bandon itself. Due to its close proximity to other attractions, Bandon makes for a great home base for anyone vacationing the Souther Oregon region.

Some of the highlights of this region include the impressive Pacific coast, with wonderful drives along the ocean front, or a trip inland to some of the finest wineries in the country.

Oregon is particularly known for Willamette Valley and their fabled pinot noirs, but the mild climate, which alternates fresh, brisk ocean air with hot summer days in the valleys, makes for a large range of vineyards and small niche appellations throughout the region.

You might want to visit Oregon Wines for more information about planning a trip to the Oregon wine country.