Fall Programming Courses at the Community Center

Hello all,

As we kick off the start of the new school year this week, and all of our little ones hopped back on the bus and headed off to class Tuesday, I thought it would be a good time to announce that we’re going to be offering two programming courses this fall, in coordination with Thinkful and CodeSchool, two of the leading online programming providers.

The courses are going to be held every Saturday beginning October 3, for 8 weeks, bringing us up to the Thanksgiving holiday.

There are going to be two options for taking these courses.

Anna Peters, from Richmond, VA will be in town to help moderate and engage the two classes.

The Code School Course

code school logoThe first course, designed for complete beginners who have a moderate interest in programming, will follow the Code School curriculum.

This course is the “easier” (by which we mean less-intensive) track, and also less expensive. After a two week free trial, you’ll be asked to purchase a monthly subscription to the course, which has different tracks you can choose to work down. With the structure of our course, we’ll be working through several tracks together as a group, and then give you a few options for learning more if you’re interested.

In addition to the weekly class, 2-3 hours of individual work per week is expected of every student.

You can read a full Code School review from CodingRookie.org for more information on this exciting and affordable program!

The Thinkful Course

thinkful_logoFor those of you who have expressed interest in a more intensive course, we’ve also arranged to work through one of the Thinkful programs.

Thinkful is another online programming course, albeit one structured very differently than CodeSchool. The point of Thinkful is to provide a structured learning environment that gives you weekly access to a personal mentor, so you can ask individualized questions and get direct feedback on your work from a professional programmer.

This is a great opportunity to supplement the Thinkful material, because our Saturday classes will then provide a second, group opportunity to work collaboratively on projects and expand our knowledge base!

The Thinkful course is a bit pricier than CodeSchool, at $300 per month, but provides a more professional atmosphere and guided training that the other course does not.

You can read a Thinkful course review for more information on what to expect.

Space in each of these classes is limited to only 10 students, and participation in the Saturday sessions is free to all! The only costs are those associated with working through the online curriculums through the sites mentioned.

Contact Jeff in the center for more information and registration.


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