Free ESL Instruction and Online English Class

free english classesThis fall, we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching our first ever ESL, or English as a Second Language, instructional program for the community, coupled with a free online English class for participants.

This program is sponsored by an Oregon state educational grant. Many people that live in the Oregon coastal region don’t realize just how many residents there are who are first generation immigrants that have only a basic understanding of English. This can often restrict their ability to find work or learn new skills, even if they are residing legally in the US.

This program is designed to help bridge that gap in the community, and provide more opportunities for individuals and families to improve their position through education.

In our region, the majority of the non-English speaking population are first generation immigrants from Russia, Korea, China, Mexico, and Central America.

teflThe diversity of this immigrant population is both exciting and provides some interesting challenges. We will be following a standard TEFL curriculum with our English program, which is designed to accomodate students from all cultures, with a teacher who does not necessarily speak the language of the students.

In addition to the bi-weekly class meetings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we will be offering additional resources for free online English courses through

This is a great opportunity for many members of our community who have not previously had access to affordable resources for improving their own education, since many of the other state programs are not targeted towards non-English speaking residents.

We hope that you’ll help us to spread the word about these courses. They are 100% free and open to any member of the community (we will NOT be asking for any official documentation).

To participate, simply call Jeff at the Center to register: 548-523-6761.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this course, the schedule, material covered, or eligibility. Our goal is to make it available to as many people as possible, and are interested in hearing your feedback, questions, and concerns in order to make it possible!

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