New Part Time Jobs Posted!

part time jobsHello fellow Bandonites!

As many of you know, our town is experiencing a small boom thanks to the addition of the new office park just outside the town center.

Because of that, we’re pleased to announce that there are a number of different companies hiring part time roles (most of the full time roles have already been filled.

For more information, you can see the official postings on You can click here to browse part time jobs in Buckhead.

Here are a few samplings from the list, which is also available through monster.

Electrical Engineer

The Atlanta Electrical Group, with it’s headquarters out of Buckhead, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, is looking for an electrical engineer to help expand their new office here in Bandon.

Shift Supervisor

Additionally, Rite Aid is in search of a part time supervisor for the pharmacy here in town. You can learn more about this job post on the Bandon page.

Administrative Assistants

Several companies also have administrative assistant roles that have opened up recently. While each of these three positions is currently part time, there is the opportunity to expand into a full time role.

Located in Sandy Springs, there is a short commute required, but this can be an opportunity that is well worth it for the motivated individual!

Read more about Sandy Springs part time jobs.

County Police Officer

To handle some of the population increases and due to the increased budget afforded by the additional tax income we’ve received this year, the city of Bandon is also hiring a county police offer for a full time role. You can see the full post on the City of Bandon jobs website.

I hope this post is helpful to those of you looking for a new job, whether as a simple way to earn a little extra money or a potential career shift!

Each of these can be a great opportunity to find not just a j-o-b, but a true passion in the workplace where you can wake up every day happy to go to work!

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