Thanks for a Great Memorial Day Boating Safety Presentation!

Hi All,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for making Bandon’s Memorial Day weekend a success!

Though we certainly couldn’t compete with the legendary DC parade, we had a record turnout this year, with over 200 residents coming down to the waterfront for a special presentation on boating safety issues, sponsored by

Memorial Day Recap: Boating Safety

boating safety talkThe day started out with a mid-morning talk by Ron Robertson, of North Bandon, who addressed the constant need to wear life vests whenever you’re out on the water.

“Life jackets should be worn no matter how experienced you are,” he said, “You never know what’s going to happen.” Even particularly calm weather is no excuse to go without a PFD at hand, he pointed out, because it only takes a single wave to knock you off balance, and into the water.

“The reality is that most accidents happen on the water because people are lackadaisacal about their own safety. When you’re out there and not paying attention, especially if you’ve had a beer or two, it’s easy to get yourself into trouble. And we don’t want that!”

He also reminded us that the US Coast Guard has a strong “Wear It!” campaign that they’ve been running for the last few years. Though it’s not mandated by law, everyone should always wear their life jacket.

Read more about life jackets.

Afternoon Sail and BBQ

dockside bbqAfter the talk, everyone gathered around the marina docks for an afternoon cookout and pot luck. With over 200 people, logistics were certainly a challenge!

Many thanks to the dozen or so boaters who volunteered their time taking individuals out on the water. All in all we had nearly 80 sailors go out for about an hour and enjoy the day, using the on the water safety techniques talked about in the morning!

Many of the captains also performed a few safety drills, like man overboard drills using figure 8 maneuvering, and how to properly throw a PFD, and lift a person out of the water when they’re in need of help.

Many thanks to Bob Wilkins for being the “test dummy” floating in the cold May water!

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